Stay safe with Doggish.

Here are some important safety tips to protect yourself from online scams:

Top tips for spotting online fraud.
Typical scams include sellers who:
Ask you to pay using Western Union. Never pay using this method.
Claim to have recently moved from the location stated.
Do not provide contact phone numbers or don't answer the phone.
Insist on using a particular delivery company or shipping agency.
Send vastly different photos from the ones listed.
Use poor English or switch writing styles between emails.

Recommendations before buying your puppy or dog:
  • Ensure you have done your homework and found a breed that is suitable for your family and lifestyle
  • We recommend you visualize the puppy or dog BEFORE paying anything (ensure you are 100% confident in the breeder/seller)
  • Ask to see the parent dogs and any appropriate medical records (eg. Hip & elbow scores, vet checks, eye assessments etc.)
  • Get an independent Vet evaluation before purchase (the cost of this examination, usually $50-60, could save you heartache and $1000’s later.
  • Buy from a registered Breeder
  • Walk away if you see any evidence of animal cruelty or inappropriate breeding practices (please report this to Doggish or the RSPCA)
  • Finally contact us if you require any help, advice or come across unscrupulous breeders (eg puppy farmers)

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