Doggish says NO to puppy farms

What is a Puppy Farm?

Simply put, puppy farms (also called mills or factories) are intensive breeding facilities whereby dogs and puppies experience sub-standard health and wellbeing due to poor practices. Puppy farms are run by unscrupulous owners whose sole intention is to pump out puppies for profit, with little thought about the conditions they are housed and bred in:

These conditions include:

Dirty and unhygienic facilities

Severely confined and overcrowded living areas

Provision of inadequate husbandry and veterinary care.

Help us report Puppy Farmers

Unfortunately, laws are vague in the control and enforcement of people who operate puppy farms. While the RSPCA and other organizations do their best, the battle is a hard one to fight. We must all do our bit to help, thus, if you suspect you are purchasing a puppy from a puppy farmer, please contact us, the RSPCA or the local council to report the situation.

Doggish screens every listing

As an online site for the buying and selling of puppies, we at Doggish try desperately hard to focus on placing good sellers with responsible new owners. People should not miss out on the joys of owning their own puppy or dog and so we love being able to facilitate this through our website.

At the same time we certainly don’t want to promote the use of our site as an avenue for puppy farmers to sell their stock. Thus we have processes in place to block these people!

When people list their dogs or pups, they are not automatically approved as sellers. They go through a series of checks which can involve phone calls and discussion about their breeding establishment, as well as random inspections of their premises. Sellers can only list once without being a registered breeder (this allows people to experience one litter with their family dog). We have a user rating system for each seller and we investigate if a rating is particularly low.

We also encourage our Doggish community (such as yourself) to help us by reporting any suspect puppy farms if you come across any suspicious dealings. Pressure from the public ‘not to buy’ from these people will have the greatest impact.

One final Word

We stress that while this is a very hard area to police and no process is perfect, we will continually strive to do our bit to bring down these Puppy Farmers. You can rest assured our team of bloodhounds are working hard to keep doggish a safe and ethical website to buy and sell your furry friends.

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